4 Facts Mothers Should Know About Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding

When it comes to the subject of breastfeeding there are so many viewpoints you will come across. This will end up making you feel highly confused. From tons of formula brands to breastfeeding the right way, there are so many things you need to be aware of. One has to be quite well informed and keep away from what’s not important. Ensure that you do your research well and start with checking out the facts we have mentioned below. If needed, go ahead and talk to your doctor or midwife. It does not matter what kind of feeding route you opt for, you will feel content and stress free when it’s more grounded.  


Were you aware of the fact that one in three mothers breastfeeds and also provides formula for baby, at the same time? They start doing this in the very first three months after giving birth. There are reputed several toddler milk formulabrands that you can resort to for bottle feeding your baby. 

It has been recommended by many doctors that it would be best for a child to be breastfed at least until the first six months. This is the most nutritious and healthy option of feeding your child.  

However, if you are opting for any supplement, then there are many women who are doing so as well. Every mother and child pair has a different connection and is unique in their own ways. Hence, the feeding option also changes. It is possible that new mothers might want to supplement breast milk along with baby formula. This could be for different reasons, such as to provide additional nutrition to the baby. They might have to share their feeding duties. Some might also have to return back to their work.  

Most unlikely, the supply of your breast milk may fall short or dry up if you start to supplement baby formula.  

This is definitely true that the more you breastfeed your baby, the more milk supply will you have and this means the more milk your body will produce. However, even if you add a little bit of infant formula to the diet of your little one, it would not end up drying your milk supply. This is how your body will start to adjust to the present setting. You can start to provide your baby with breast milk first. After this, you can supplement the baby with the formula. Or when you are not at home, you can feed your baby with formula milk only. If need be, you could use pumping as a part of the supplementing plan.  

A baby gets wholesome and complete nutrition through formula 

Baby formulas that are produced by different brands today usually comprise of all the nutrients that are accessible through breast milk. This formula does offer you with essential nutrients, such as vitamin D, which is quite crucial and much needed by babies who are breastfed. Also, formula does provide omega-3 fatty acid, DHA. This proves to be beneficial for the baby. It helps in supporting the brain of the baby, which tends to develop at a very quick pace.  

Mothers can anyways bond with their baby, even if they feed formula. 

If you want to connect with your baby quickly, the best time to do so is during feeding time. Even if your baby is consuming formula, she will know that she is being held close and with utmost care.  

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