Food & Drink

Don’t skimp on setting up your bar

Starting a business in the hospitality industry can be a hang of an undertaking, especially if you are effectively going it alone and not in partnership with others. There are so many things to consider before you open the doors to patrons and customers. You will need to make a lengthy list of all that is required from Hosbay and all that would be nice to have. On this list will have to be what your customers are going to drink and how those beverages are going to be served. This can make or break a business and is really something you want to get right from the get go. 

Behind the counter 

The bar equipment Adelaide you decide to bank on will need to stand the test of time – well, most of it will. Anything from glasses for beers or pourers for brandy or keg machines falls under this category – and needs to be really good to keep your customers happy. The profit and mark up to be made on the sale of alcohol is significant, so to make this work it’s wise to know which brands you want to work with and how you will be able to get the best from the relationship. 

On top of the counter 

Things like coasters and other advertising elements are best placed on the counter, within the eye of the customers. This kind of visibility is great for you, the brand and the whole picture. It will work well in that the more you expose the elements, the more you are likely to benefit from bigger profit and factors like that. Don’t be shy to talk to your brand manager about getting you more bang for your buck. The might incentivize you and then you can hold them to account for effectively earning them more money too. 

In front of the counter 

This pretty much revolves around service staff, who are not the bar staff. Pretty ladies or well-groomed men can effectively sell more because the customers are attracted to good looks and good personality. Whether the staff are incentivized to sell more or it just comes naturally, you will be the one benefitting from this in the long run. It also bodes well for staff relations. Happy staff means more money for them and you the business owner. 

Outside the doors 

If you are permitted to do so, make sure that pedestrians and cars passing by can see what you have on offer. If you have particularly good equipment or a hot, new item you want to sell a lot of, let them know by putting it in their eye line. They can’t buy what they can’t see, so let them see. Posters, flyers, neon lighting – again, permit allowing – are all good ways of doing this. You can get some of the staff to blitz the streets with a flyer drop and have some other stick up posters if they have the spare time or in the middle of their shift. The rewards will then come in.