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5 Tips For Making The Perfect Coffee

If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning, the thought of the perfect coffee might just make your life a whole lot easier. You might think your java can’t get much better, but how many of these super tips have you tried? Have a look at the suggestions below and experiment to help yourself create the perfect mug of heaven that will get even the most miserable of morning people out of bed.  

 Use fresh coffee beans  

Before you’re put off by the thought of having to use fresh coffee beans and deal with the extra effort that comes with this, it really won’t give you much extra bother at all. Buy coffee beans as local as you possibly can, but if you can’t find anyone local, you’ll be able to pick them up at your supermarket. Keep them in a clean and airtight jar and grind them to your desired texture when you want to make a drink. For extra ease, you can grind a whole jar at the start of the month and then it’s an easy as instant coffee! You can also look at tools like the Coffee Catcha which can help with the way you prepare your coffee.  

Try different coffee 

If you’re using instant coffee and you’re just not that impressed with the taste, you might have to start splashing out in order to experiment and find something better. Different types of coffee tastes different to each individual person, so just because your mother has recommended a certain brand doesn’t mean that you’ll rave about it as much as she does. While this might be costly, you’ll end up finding a flavour that you really love. It could also be the amount of coffee you’re using, so try a 58mm dosing funnel for a better measure.   

Use better water  

It might not be the coffee itself that doesn’t taste too great to you – it could be the water you’re using to make it. If the tap water you’re boiling for your coffee lacks minerals or is full of chlorine, it will affect the taste and make you feel like you want to spit it out and go back to bed. Try boiling some bottled water and see if it makes your drink taste any different.  

Don’t pour straight out of the kettle  

People often think they’re getting the best water if they pour as soon as the kettle has boiled. However, this is quite far from the truth, and experts say that you’ll get the best possible taste around 45 seconds after the water has reached the boil.  

Try a little bit of sugar or sweetener  

You might think the coffee is the problem, but maybe you’re just not a massive fan of the taste in general. Try a bit of sugar or sweetener in your coffee – not only does this help if you have low blood sugar levels or need a little bit of extra energy in the morning, but it also means that you might actually enjoy the taste of your morning drink a whole lot more.