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The Latest Party Trends Of 2018

You can always find a reason to celebrate, is it your birthday? Is it your old friend from school’s birthday? Did you remember to take your vitamins? Is it Tuesday? It’s time to party! 

With so many reasons to get out your glad rags, it’s no surprise there are equally as many different types of celebrations.  If you don’t know where to start, mixing drinks is always a chic option and great for a summer evening. There are some amazing cocktail party venues Adelaidewith scenic city vistas and glitzy surroundings. A few great bottles of gin, some tonic water and lime wedges and you’re good to go. You could even hire a professional mixologist to get the party started and wow your guests.

One of the latest trends on the partying scene is hiring hotels as a party venue. It all started with celebrities having their birthday bashes at the world’s fanciest hotels and, as with most things, trickled down to the rest of us mere mortals. As you’ll find at the amazing Hotel Richmondthe best thing about hosting a celebration at a hotel is that you can have pretty much any kind of party. From formal dinners in the restaurant to cocktail parties at the bar. From pool parties by the pool to tea parties on the verandah. You can find the venue here. 

If you don’t mind breaking the bank, a yacht party is all the rage. It’s a luxury bash for those who really want to treat themselves and their guests to a lavish party. Make the company you hire from ensures there are enough life jackets for all your guests. Also, make sure your guests know what they’re in for and wear the right kind of chews and take motion sickness medication if they’re prone to seasickness.   

A far more budget-friendly alternative to the lavish yacht bash is a picnic. They are easy to arrange and most of the time the venue won’t cost you a thing. You can either pack picnic baskets for your guests or ask them to bring their own. Throw in a few blankets and some bunting and you have yourself a sweet little get-together our in the open air.  Remember to pack some insect repellent to keep them away from the festivities and be sure to throw away any litter that might be left behind.   

Another great idea for partying outdoors in an outdoor movie night. Harken back to the ear of drive-throughs with this great alternative for warmer nights.  All you’ll need is a projector, a white sheet and some speakers. You could have your guests vote on the evening’s film choice or treat them to one of the classics you’ve picked yourself. Supply a few camping chairs or pillows and blankets to keep your guest cosy. Catering couldn’t be easier with buckets of popcorn, soft drinks and a few delicious candy bars. If you’re hosting in your backyard, be sure to let you neighbours know there might be a bit of noise, or just invite them along, the more the merrier!