Food & Drink

All The Tips & Tricks You Need For A Successful Catering Event 

As anyone who has worked in events will tell you, hosting an event is not the problem. It is hosting it successfully that you need to pull off. And of the many different elements that tie in together for you to achieve this, food is one of the most important. Drinks, entertainment and venue are, of course, some of the others. Some people cook the food up themselves, but others though capable, simply do not have the time to do so. Which is where food caterers come into play, saving our lives in the process. But, it is of course vital that plenty of research is put in beforehand, ensuring impeccable quality and services on the day. And if you are new to all of this, it can feel like a bit much, so why not take a look here? 

Research Far And Wide 

Before you zero in on any recommendations or options, you want to invest some time in researching different catering companies. What you want is a local company that is legit, say someone specializing in corporate cupcakes Melbourne. This way, you can easily visit them if need be and liaise with their people personally for your requirements. Plus, the likelihood of someone you know having worked with them is also higher, which is good for your background information as well. You want to not just check up on the quality and variety of the food on offer, but also whether they supply the utensils, tables and so on.  

Try ‘Em 

Would you just walk into a clothing store and wander out with an item without really trying it on even once? So why would this be any different just because you do not wear it? Do not sign any agreements before you try the food out for yourself. Pay attention to the presentation, to the variety, the style, everything. Of course taste is subjective, but still, there is a certain standard and quality you should not compromise on. So be sure to always give your shortlisted caterers the taste-test before you book them.  

Have a Checklist 

Next thing on the list? A checklist of course. Your mother probably drove you insane with those, but you may see just how useful they can be. With million-and-one things to keep in mind, you are likely to forget something or the other, which will not do. If you work for someone, we do not think your boss would be too happy about the oversight. So why put yourself in unnecessary trouble? Got to head over to The Cupcake Desire? Make a note of it with the date and time, and also the details of whom you need to meet if you have them.  

Offer Variety 

More often than not, people mainly turn up to parties for food and drinks, so you better give it to them. As much as you cannot cater to every little whim or fancy, you want to be able to provide plenty of variety and options. So be sure to discuss this with your caterers. What sort of entrees can you have lined up, and how about the mains? Will it cost you a whole lot more to add another couple of options under each category? Perhaps they can even work out a deal; it all depends on how you handle it.