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Did You Know Women Are Driving Wine Trends These Days? 

Due to the spike in migratory lifestyle in Australia, women when shifting to other cities and states have made it a practice to bond over wine. Who wouldn’t agree? Isn’t it the best way to make some friends and to chat about the ins and outs of the neighbourhood? Around the major states of Australia, it has become a practice for a woman to take single bottle each to the gathering, drink them and guess the flavour deciding which stands out the best at the end.

Now, in the past few years or more precisely; a decade, the marketers have started to pay attention to these women starting trends right from their lounges. Let’s put it that way, millennial women are having a love affair with wine these days. The studies from Nielsen have proved that women, in general are now buying and drinking more wine than men. Don’t act surprised! At one level, we all knew it, but didn’t have the opportunity to see it come to fruition. Due to this spike, the wine industry has started to take into account women’s wine drinking habits, wine tour preferences and how they shop for the wines that fit their lifestyles. 

Not just bonding over wine and girl-gossiping over it, but various studies have also shown the tendency of men relying over the women of their household to buy wines, as they are primary shoppers. What does this mean for the wine tours and wine sellers around the world, especially Yarra Valley wine tour from Melbourne as this is where the heavy chunk of their economy come from? It means that the road to success for their wines is now heavily supported by the women of the region. Similarly, women prefer wine tours as girl dates and party days out too. Wines are available even at grocery and convenience stores these days, so why choose tours? It is as simple; there is nothing better than trying out different flavours to choose one that tickles your nerves and becomes your go-to weekend binge-drink. 

As well as women setting a new trend these days, the wine industry has now started to cater to the advice of the women. In a nod to this fact, women around Australia have started to online order wines from home. Hence, the booming business and the easy access for the wine businesses to promote their flavours and bring new entries to the market. Moreover, the trend to drink wine isn’t just restricted to the closed doors these days. Wine purveyors have found that their portable, small, and easy plastic packaging has become an instant hit because the beverage has become more convenient to be taken on the go. As a result, champagnes and the different sorts of wines springing these days aren’t for Super Bowls, Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Why wait for the special occasion while you can just celebrate almost anything, even your breakup, on the go with friends and family. Let’s take the fun to the roads. No?  

We all know that nowadays everything is about women empowerment and giving women an equal chance. With the women wine club on high these days, the wine industry has realized the mistake that it committed for a very long time. There are now women CEOs who run beverage industries and are beverage professionals, focusing solely on the wines that are for women, containing and constituting everything that attracts women. Even the calorie count has been taken into account with women being conscious of their diet and the wine tours are also keeping this a part of their strategy too.  

It is as easy to understand that millennial, especially women, are setting and generating trends these days. Women aren’t buying wine because of a gimmick. It has become a lifestyle and a part of their everyday routine. They find comfort in inculcating this beverage in their eating and drinking habits. They are as likely to make it a part of their celebrations and to keep it at their night stand to drink after a very long drink. Even though the wine tour industries and makers have realized it, but those who are still negligent, it is high time to look at the other side of the coin too. You wouldn’t want to miss on the major chunk of your business.