Facts You Never Knew About Chewing Gum 

Chewing gum is something that most people have chewed at some point. It is everywhere and it’s something that can be bought at almost any shop. Frankly, given its lack of nutrition and that fact that it is chewed and not swallowed it is quite surprising that it is as popular as it is. But despite its popularity in modern culture it is interesting to note that very little is known about gum. It just isn’t the sort of thing that people think about. But we’ve been thinking about and we’ve come up with a little list of five facts you should know about gum. 


Making retail history 

As long ago as 1974 it was a pack of Wrigley gum that was the first ever item to have its gs1 product barcode scanned at a checkout counter. The historical moment, which heralded the start of the rise of the now ubiquitous printed barcode labels was at a supermarket in Ohio in the United States. It’s a moment that has gone down in barcode history. 



Chicago’s famous Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field, an iconic venue that first hosted a game as long ago as 1914. Admittedly back then the stadium with the famous ivy covered brick outfield wall was known as Weeghman Park. In 1920 the team were acquired by William Wrigley Junior the magnate behind the famous chewing gum brand. He changed the stadium’s name to Cubs Park before switching it again in 1926 to carry both his name and that of his now world famous brand of gum. 


Who discovered gum 

Like so many herbs and medicines in use to this day, gum has its origins with indigenous people who lived off the land. In this instance it was Native American Indians who should be credited with the discovery of gum. When settlers arrived in North America they found the local inhabitants liked to chew a substance that was made from the sap of spruce trees. Having observed this and refined the process of making the gum it was a gentleman called John Curtis who in 1848 sold the first gum commercially. It was known as The State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum. 


Urban Legends 

The big untruth about chewing gum is that you cannot swallow it for fear of it staying in your body forever. This myth appears to have lots of origins, not least the fact that if you stick gum to the bottom of a desk or a wall it seems to stay around forever. The truth is that while gum is not easy for the body to digest it is not easy for the body to dispose of. For the record it is not recommended that gum is swallowed, but this is simply based on eth fact that gum contains no nutritional value and is hard to digest. But given that the human digestive system can dispose of almost anything it can also dispose of gum. Parts of the gum will be absorbed and parts will just work their way through the system and be disposed of in a toilet once their journey has been completed.