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Rooftop Weddings To Make Your Weddings Just A Little Bit Better! 

So the time has come to tie the knot with the person you love and you are looking to commit to them for the rest of your life. You are about to begin a new journey together with your significant other and want to do it in the best way possible. You only get married once and you will only have one wedding day (hopefully), therefore, with the intentions of it being the only one, you would want it to be perfect, the biggest day of your life and something to remember many years in the future and tell your grand kids about while you gather them around and tell them stories to amuse them. is a website which is hell-bent on making your dreams come true. They cater to a range of events which they have come to be famous for such as birthday, hen parties and corporate events. However, one of their biggest attraction and the topic for today is actually wedding functions. They have come to be known for conducting weddings and wedding reception on the rooftop which gives a beautiful view of the Melbourne skyline. Thus ensuring that you receive the most beautiful view on your most beautiful day, shared with your new spouse. What a way to begin your life together!

The wedding reception will take place at Mon Bijou. Now Mont Bijou has come to be a very popular location in Melbourne as it gives a beautiful view of the Melbourne skyline and is known to be one of the best places to have a rooftop wedding in Melbourne. Mon Bijou is a penthouse space which is meant to be used as venues for all sorts of events in the city of Melbourne. Due to the fact that it is on top of the building, they have several advantages which make their location one which is extremely scenic and aesthetic for the clients who are looking to book it. Hence all the couples flocking to it to book it for their weddings.

They have several attractive facilities which make it all the more special and make your day even better as well. Mon Bijou has their own event planner which means that they will be looking at your event personally and will ensure that they meet your quality standards down to the minute specifications.Moreover, being a rooftop penthouse they have the facility which is really just the icing on the cake at this point. The retractable roof feature opens up and gives you a clear of the sky above you. Now not only do you have the city of Melbourne all around you, but you have the moonlit sky above you. How can you beat this when you think about rooftop weddings in Melbourne?!

To top it all off if you aren’t able to visit the location for any reason and you would like to check it out anyway, they have this nifty little feature on their website which allows you to gauge the location and gather whether it would be the best location for your wedding.

You and your soon to be spouse can sit down on your computer, visit our website and go over to the virtual tour section of the rooftop weddings in Melbourne page. You can then take the tour as you please, just drag your cursor to whatever you want to see. While doing so you can imagine how the setting would be and make your plans accordingly. This is a very thoughtful feature and one which could really help all those who had missed their scheduled visit.

For more about their services in terms of the rooftop weddings in Melbourne, you can visit their website page and gather more holistic information about the services down to the minor details. While you’re there we suggest that you also go over the other events which they have to offer and maybe refer them to a loved one who is looking to have a party planned or something of that sort.