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Classic Persian Shiraz, Right Here In Australia! 

The day has ended, you’re having your dinner with your significant other and have a nice glass of red wine sitting next to your right hand.  Probably sitting in one of those fancy goblet glasses. It’s a real scene out of a movie really. One with a romantic theme which probably ends with the guy getting the girl. You can be sure that a moment like that probably feels as great as it looks and man… does it look good. Wine, especially red wine has always had an up class feel to it. Nowadays the fanciest meal at a restaurant can’t be complete without a glass of blood red liquid sitting in a tall stemmed round base glass. Therefore, to get a taste of the up class feel which the wine gives off you can consider going over and buying one of the classy Shirazi wine bottles which are being produced here in Australia.

Nicks Wine Merchant is a locally owned family business which has been operating for nearly 25 years now. After visiting their website you can see that they have a HUGE collection of alcohols available for you to purchase right of their website.  You can choose to browse through the entire website as you like and choose the wine, malt or spirit which you are interested in buying. Moreover, if you aren’t well aware of what to buy, you can read the little descriptions under each bottle. Another great factor is that the prices are right there for you to read and consider when buying the bottles from the Rich Company.  

Traditionally, red wine has been a great antioxidant when drunk. After a certain age, red wine is even prescribed by doctors to boost your health in a number of ways. Other than just being a great tasting alcoholic beverage, now you know that it can be great for your health as well, especially for women. Therefore, you might want to consider having a glass with your meal even more often mow. Proving to be a great anti-oxidant, you may see several boosts in your health along the course of consumption of the wine. Other than that it’s also known to be great for your heart as you age as well as very good for your blood as well. Therefore, consider a bottle of Australian Shiraz not for pleasure but as a fancy medicine perhaps? 

Shiraz wine has traditionally been produced in Iran or was it was previously known, Persia. Yes, that’s right, Persian wine, sounds great, doesn’t it? Now the Persian Shiraz grapes are being grown and produced in Victoria. The grapes are then fermented and converted into some of the best wine you can get your hands on.
Ironically, the Shiraz wine cannot even be produced in Iran due to the religious and cultural prohibition. It is now produced in Australia on a huge scale rather than being produced in its own country. Sad to think actually that the country who created the wine, cannot even produce it anymore. Its main production is now in South Africa, Canada and now as we know, Australia itself. 

If you are looking for something other than the Australian Shiraz you can look at the entire range which they have to offer. They have pretty much anything you could ever want and more. Ranging from white wines to classic malts, to distilled spirits which are ready for you to take home and enjoy, scratch that, safely enjoy!
You can sit in the comfort of your home and choose the bottle of your liking. Simply place the order with your credit card and wait for the bottle to be delivered in the scheduled appointment window. This is great for those days when you are getting ready for a date or about to have a party but don’t have the time to go out and buy a bottle or bottles.  

Enjoy your bottle of Shiraz tonight, we hope that you have a great time when consuming it and absorb all the benefits which the wine is capable of giving you, as well as the slight buzz that it’s known to give off.

We advise safe drinking always and hope you maintain a level of sobriety when consuming the wines.