Guilt Food Without Any Of The Guilt! 

Nothing ever really tastes as delicious as anything that’s been tossed into the deep fryer. An obsession that started off with fries, and progressed soon enough to friend chicken and from then on forth, anything and everything was on the fried menu. From doughnuts, to fried ice cream sandwiches, fried noodles, vegetables, fruits – everything that exists can be fried to just take it up a notch. What feeds into this obsession is also the fact that frying is just so easy. All we ever have to do is whip up a frothy batter, coat the food, and chuck it in the deep fryer! After waiting only for a few short minutes – although they may seem painfully long when we’re anticipating food – our food is ready! Nothing looks more tempting than food fresh out of a deep fryer, with its deep, golden colour, crisp exterior, and steaming hot delicious interior. At the end of the day, however, one fact still remains that no matter how tasty our food was, it is still guilt food. Our post meal feelings towards fried food can often be a whole lot different from how we felt about it when we were hungry. Whether we’re looking to lose some weight, or just looking for a healthier lifestyle, fried food can be our biggest enemy. Yet, it can be the hardest thing ever to cut it out of our lifestyle. However, air fryers can make our life easier, by providing a healthier alternative. Here are three reasons why air fryers can be the greatest addition to any foodies’ kitchen.

  1. The man purpose of the air fryer is to make everyone’s lives a whole lot easier. We have all been in situations where we’ve had to pick between a healthy yet boring option of food, and a fried, gorgeous golden brown piece of food. Of course, most of the times we end up picking the fried items. We may satisfy ourselves for the time being, but after the meal we can almost feel the oil and the guilt cloying at us. Fried foods are one of the unhealthiest items, as they are excessively fatty, alongside lacking all proper nutrition. All the grease that we take in s sure to cause us problems internally, through clogging up arteries, and also externally, by causing breakouts and other skin issues. Air fryers can take away all these problems, while letting us eat our fried food with no guilt, as they use only a minute amount of oil and hot air to cook the food.
  2. Fried foods don’t just coat our insides with oil and grease, but just about everything else too. We have all had to face situations where we’re stuck trying to get grease stains off of our clothes, utensils and fingers, and nothing seems to work. Congealed grease can be the toughest to remove, and can require ages of scraping in order to make sure all the gunk is gone. Air fryers can be so much easier to clean, as they either don’t use oil, or use such a minor amount that it leaves no trace. A quick wipe down can leave our air fryer ready for use once again! So, not only does an air fryer Australia keep our diet clean, but also our kitchen!
  3. One of the many disadvantages of fried food is that it often takes a really long time to cook. air fryer Australia can take all this waiting away, and can have your food ready within just a few short minutes, as they use hot air to rapidly cook food, all the while preserving the foods’ natural nutrients and keeping everything healthy. So, the air fryer can be perfect for anyone looking for quick fried food on a tight schedule.

Air fryers can come in all sizes so, depending on what we need we can choose from the biggest to the smallest air fryers to get our crispy golden goodness. At FactoryBuys, we can find the perfect air fryer for our needs in their wide range. We can not only pick from a wide range of sizes, but also a wide range of styles to make sure that our air fryer looks great on our shelves as well!