Tips Buying Vape In Australia 


Over the years, vape Australia has grown popularity across the world, in all age groups. It is a much safer option than the harmful cigarettes. Vapes give a very pleasant smoking experience without the hundreds of poisonous chemicals getting involved. The concept of e-cigarettes was first coined by Joseph Robinson in 1927. Later on, it was in 1963 that Herbert Gilbert made the idea of vaping famous by introducing the non-tobacco cigarette. Today, vapes or the e-cigarettes area available almost everywhere, with a variety of options. User can choose from a number of options ranging from flavor to the nicotine amount, to get the most desired harmless smoking experience.  

Vape generally have 3 basic components; the atomizer, the cartilage and the battery. The cartilage sends the vape juice to the atomizer for the burning so the liquid can change to vapors. Simultaneously, it also sends the vapors to the mouthpiece. The battery runs the whole show. Other than these basic parts, there are some additional parts in some vapes. This includes cartomizers, instead of atomizers. Cartomizers perform the same job as atomizers, the only difference is a longer time of vaping in the case of cartomizers, due to a polyfill around the heating coil. Other than that, there can be clearomizer which can be used to control the amount of vape as well.  

Vape Liquid 

The vape liquid or the e-juice is what gives the vaping experience its essence. This is the juice that turns to vapors for the inhaling. It contains no chemicals, but some simple harmless ingredients. It contains Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin, some food flavors and some nicotine, if desired. PG or VG have different effects on the vaping experience and this determines this choice. The details about the differences will be discussed in the next section. The flavors that are used are simple food flavors that are used in every-day food items. They are totally harmless. Due to the growing demand, these food flavors are available in a variety of options ranging from fruity flavors to many others. The addition of nicotine is optional. Starting from 0 nicotine, the user can decide how much nicotine is to be added to the vape juice. The vape liquid overall, contains 90% PG or VG, and the remaining 10% is the food flavors and the nicotine, if added. The purpose of PG and VG is to distribute the flavor in total solution.

Choosing the right vape juice  

Choosing the right vape juice can be tricky for some people, especially for those who are new to vaping. From deciding the flavor to choosing the level of nicotine, one can do nothing but guess. But, not anymore. This section will guide you on choosing the right flavor, nicotine level and deciding between PG and VG.  

Starting from the flavor for the vape juice, if you’re switching from cigarette to vape, the tobacco blend might be perfect for you at the start. This does not contain real tobacco. It only mimics the smell of tobacco for addictive smokers. For others, there’s the flavor of different fruits, foods and even different alcoholic drinks. You can also get blends of flavors for new experiences.
Choosing whether to get the nicotine added or not is a decision you can make knowing the effects of nicotine. The amount of nicotine is divided in different levels so it’s better to start with lower levels of nicotine which contains lower than 6mg of it. You can then increase the level of nicotine if you like.  

Lastly, it’s deciding between PG and VG. So, PG has a thinner consistency so it leaves lesser residue on the atomizer. It also has a better ‘throat hit’ and has no flavor of its own. VG, on the other hand, is thicker in consistency and has a sweetened flavor of its own.  

Is it Addictive? 

People usually have the same concern for vapes as they do for the cigarettes, whether it can lead to an addiction. So, yes it can be addictive if you take higher levels of nicotine, just like you can get addicted to coffee. But, other than that, it poses no such threat as it contains no addictive chemical.  

Buying vape liquid 

Buying vape is not a problem these days, especially for countries like Australia. One can get it from retail shops but, there will be a greater number of options available to buy vape liquid Australia, if you choose to buy online. Often there’s a misconception that vapes are ban in Australia. That’s false news. If you can’t find vape nearby, you can order online which will be at your doorstep in just 2-3 days.