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Bringing vigour back to our backs!

They way that we lead life has changed completely over the years. Earlier on, human beings led relatively active lives. We would have to move about as we went about our daily lives and the children especially would get all the time in the world to go out into the great outdoors and play. This habit instilled in us as children ever since our youth made it more likely that even as we grew we would retain the habit of staying active and fit. However, lifestyle trends have taken a complete 360 degree turn in the years since and our lifestyle has gotten extremely sedentary. Nowadays, even our children rarely venture out to play because they have become so used to playing games on computers and smart phones. In addition to this, the lives of adults have gotten extremely sedentary as well. We can do almost anything all from the comfort of our home. From shopping, learning, and even talking to friends and family, we don’t really need to head out for anything. In addition to this, we even work while sitting down, so the need to move about and give our body some exercise is completely eliminated. 

Medical health professionals all around the world agree that while the lifestyle we lead nowadays is extremely easy, it is in no way whatsoever healthy for us. In fact, most of us – whether we are young or old – are suffering from the consequences of this sedentary unfit lifestyle. Our bodies have grown extremely frail, and we simply do not have the physical strength and stamina that the human body is capable of. Apart from this, the sedentary lifestyle that we lead is causing various health related problems such as obesity and posture related problems. While there may other reasons that contribute to obesity, posture problems are caused predominantly by the fact that we spend most of our days sitting, hunched over a computer screen.  

Of course, posture problems aren’t as simple as they can sound. Posture problems entail a great deal of complications that can get worse with time and can make our life worse as the years progress. Chances are that if we spend most of our day seated in the office, we might start developing some sort of spinal pain, if we haven’t already. Sitting in once place for too long, bent over can greatly increase the pressure that is placed on our spine and it can compress our disks and misalign our spine. What starts off as tingling can progress very quickly into numbness, pinching and persistent, debilitating back pain. Apart from people who work in offices or spend most of their time sitting, older people are much more likely to develop back related problems as well, owing to the fact that they spend most of their time sitting and also that their body just doesn’t have the agility that it once used to. The easy solution to this can be the use of a back support cushion. 

A lumbar back support cushion can be the best and easiest way for us to align our back again and get back into a healthy posture. These cushions won’t just help us relieve back pain, but with time they can help us reverse the damage as well. This cushion can help us relieve the immense pressure that bad posture places on our back, and it can help us distribute it evenly. This is honestly an extremely simple yet ingenious way of correcting back posture pole, as it helps us sit the way that the human body is actually supposed to, with the help of this back cushion we can sit perfectly, with a straight and aligned back no matter what kind of chair we are sitting on. 

At Fixed Bad Backs, we can find the best back support cushion to help us sit properly so that we can be pain free. Back pain can be numbing and debilitating, and this simple addition to our lives can slowly but surely undo years of damage and restore our spine to its natural, straight shape, rather than keeping in curved.