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Create A Difference by Becoming a Certified Builder

Several students are trying to pursue their careers as builders and as the certified constructionists. For this purpose, the finest and top-quality education is a necessity. There must be an institute to serve the purpose. Now, if we talk about (Certificate IV in Building and Construction) then have a look at TIV. TIV Specifies in training for the construction and building business. We offer job-ready preparation courses and have a firm focus on the building of practical services obligatory for the construction and building industry. 


The Certificate iv in building and construction is planned to meet the requirements of aspiring constructors in low upsurge commercial and residential buildings. This Certificate, besides three years of applied experience in the construction industry, is a communal way of fitting as a Registered Constructer. It is also a route to title roles such as Project Manager, Contract Administrator, or Scheduler/ Estimator. Currently, and for the probable future, this program will be conveyed remotely to pupils across virtual classrooms. This empowers students to partake in all the practices as if they are present in the classroom go to a session carried by their teacher. When it is benign to connect to class pupils will be specified the option to endure with the Virtual Classroom or relapse to the in-person classes. 


TIV bids extensive student backing six days per week during the timetabled program and for twelve weeks afterward. 

In addon, each learner receives a raft of material cost at $300 covering: 

  • The National Building Code 
  • The Australian House construction Guide 
  • The manual to Tolerances and Standards.  
  • For learners specifically absorbed in flattering as a Registered Builder, TIV offers a professional workshop to fix you for enterprising the Victorian Building Authority’s constructer registration procedure. 

What you will acquire 

  • Single-story domestic and business-related building skills 
  • Applicable legislation 
  • Manoeuvres management 
  • Operations management 
  • Construction technology 
  • Quality controlling 
  • Business administration 
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This program is devised for people employed in the building trade that are involved in fetching as a Registered Constructers. 

Applied focused progressions 

TIV has extra practical focused options, centralised around going in your dexterities to real-life circumstances. 

Crafting choices 

By finishing this choice, you will increase your industry proficiencies and assist the capacity to suit a registered builder. 

Student Funding  

Trainers offer invaluable help, mentoring, and insights to TIV mentees. 

What is next? 

Highly contented graduates’ keep eyes to their careers with certainty. 

Practical Proficiencies  

One of the clear advantages of the TIV progressions is that whereas they communicate theoretical knowledge about construction and building, they also impart practical skills. Although students stay of their love of studying specific mathematical ideas, characteristics of materials, and applicable codes for every job, they entirely notice the importance in the practical information expanded and likely even over a virtual classroom. 


From skilled trainees and tradesman to toddlers to the building field. TIV assists part-time, or full-time, short term on campus, or long-term programs as well as internships. To get the Diploma of BC (Building and Construction) the option helps the aspiring Manufacturers in the Middle rise, commercial and residential building. This besieged program is intended for learners who have finished their Certificate IV in the field of Building and Construction and now are shifting up to this diploma. This Building choice fulfills Victorian Building Authority’s necessities for an arranged course for recording as Home Builder and Industrial Builder. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Mid-rise home and industrial construction specifications 
  • Relevant law 
  • Plan management 
  • Project command 
  • Manufacturing expertise 
  • Quality executive 
  • Business board 


This course teaches the students how to meet the requirements of building standards in Australia. As, these courses are practically focused, and they teach you how to apply knowledge in everyday life challenges. Here, in these courses, job security and promotion are assured which is counted as their smartest move.  

The perk is to continue the old jobs while taking the courses in TIV. It brings you closer to your goal. You have a backup of education and meanwhile working on your dream gives you confidence. You can continuously work on growing your business and keep laying the initial foundations as a registered builder. When your job is secure while the institute is imparting knowledge, it gives them the befit of becoming the best option.